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Warning Saves Lives in Houston Toll Road Crash Caught on Camera

A stranded motorist and a service vehicle were struck by a swerving SUV…but were unharmed thanks to an emergency warning relayed from an alert driver.

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Sunday morning on the Westbrook tollway…an erratic driver caught one woman’s attention.  A silver Ford Expedition swerving all over the road… she reported it to the Tollroad Authority’s “Incident Command”…Alexa Barrick (dispatcher) took the call. [Vehicle traveling eastbound in southwest plaza].  “I cannot imagine what would’ve happened if she hadn’t taken time to actually give us a call…” said Barrick.  Because up head it was an instant response unit on the shoulder changing a flat tire another dispatcher warned him. [“Be advised sir…a vehicle is approaching you that is swerving all OVER the lane…he is about to get onto the shoulder…I need you to steer clear of the lane. “]   By then with cameras pointed..all the entire room could do was sit and watch. [“Ohh…God”]  With the warning from the roadside assistance worker,  the driver of the disabled vehicle and his three passengers were able to shield themselves the doors…far enough way.  [All units be advised…vehicle has just been struck]   The solid and sturdy tow truck instead took the impact keeping them safe. They could’ve been pinned between the two vehicles, you know, it would’ve caused serious injury if not death of one of one of now both of them. The driver of the expedition told deputies he had been up for more than 24 hours and was on his cell phone. You don’t I think now people think of cop a night that an attack that he had gone. Without the warning from the citizen it could’ve ended much differently now the dramatic video can serve as a lesson.  “You don’t mix the fatigue with…distractions.”


Roadside Assistance Preparedness

It happens when you least expect it. You’re driving to the airport to pick up a family member when…BAM…the steering wheel suddenly jerks your hands hard to the left. You swerve, narrowly avoiding a car in the next lane…but manage to slow down and maneuver onto the shoulder of the freeway and stop the car. Your hands shake uncontrollably, but after 2-3 minutes you eventually catch your breath and start to think semi-rationally about what to do next. But what DO you do next? This hasn’t happened to you since you were back in college. After poking your head out the window, your see that your left front tire is the culprit…definitely flat.

Immediately you wonder, “Should I try to change the flat tire myself?…or just call a tow truck and have them do it?”. But you’re not exactly in the proper attire for a tire changing occasion, and quickly decide you’d probably hurt yourself or ruin your suit or dress. So tow truck it is! But did Roadside Assistance come with your Car Insurance Policy?…that’s right, it was about $5 a month extra. Did I actually buy that feature though? Nothing seems clear at the moment, so you say to yourself, “Crap, I’ll just call customer service at my insurance company and ask.” OR…”Crap, I’ll just Google it on my smart phone and see if it’s possible to get a towing company that can get here and help me fast enough to still get to the airport on time and pick up my brother.”

From that point on, it all boils down to three basic ideas:

  1. Having Your Information (insurance/roadside assistance membership) handy
  2. Describing Your Location
  3. Assessing Your Problem so the tow truck driver can know what to expect

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