Changing a Flat Tire – Easily

Better to know how yourself, in case no one else is around. It can be alot easier to do than you might think. Changing a flat tire is a job most people don’t want to do, but it happens anyway…and someone has to do it.   This short video and a minute of reading can get you half way there.

Yes, roadside assistance coming to the rescue can be an easy way out.  But sometimes they don’t come as fast as you’d like.  So we’ll help you learn how to change a flat tire in less time than you probably think.


Changing a flat in 10 steps

  1. Secure the car on a flat surface out of traffic; chock the wheel in the opposite corner.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel with the car’s lug wrench.
  3. Place the car’s jack under the car where its label indicates.
  4. Jack up enough to get the wheel an inch or two off the ground.
  5. Finish loosening the lug nuts and remove the flat tire.
  6. Put the spare tire on.
  7. Thread the nuts on and tighten just enough to hold the wheel on without slop.
  8. Lower the jack so the car is back on the ground.
  9. Finish tightening the nuts with upper body strength on the lug wrench.
  10. Collect the flat, wrench, jack and anything you used to chock the car.



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