Slow Down & Move Over

CHP Tips – The Move Over, Slow Down Law – California Hightway Patrol

Are you familiar with the “Move Over, Slow Down” law? We’re here to help explain what this means to help make our roads a little safer. is proud to present a new free public service announcement, Slow Down Move Over. The PSA was made possible by a cooperative agreement with the United States Fire Administration in the Department of Homeland Security. Funding was provided by the Office of Justice Programs at the US Department of Justice.

The PSA was filmed starring real responders who like many of our readers risk their lives daily helping others on the roadways. The location of the production was in Delaware City Delaware the home of Firefighter/ EMT Michelle Smith who lost her life when she was struck by a vehicle as she administered care to an accident victim. MORE

Slow Down, Move Over – Ohio Department of Transportation

Each day roadside workers, first responders, and public servants work hard to protect and serve our communities. Help protect those protecting you.


Slow Down, Move Over Awareness: Washington State Patrol

It may not seem dangerous from your perspective, but please remember we’re only a door away from you on the side of the roadway. As we help get you home safe, please slow down and move over when you see emergency lights. We want to get home safely too. Focus of Effort Patrols are taking place October 18-20, 2017.

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