2021 Transportation Commute Reboot

Now it’s time to look forward to a brighter year ahead…to take a breath and then to ask what are the solutions that will truly solve today’s great commute reboot.

We’re going to start our look at some of the trends shaping the mobility industry today by talking with one of the companies that made some really interesting moves in 2020. We’re talking with Olabisi Boyle…Vice-President of Product Planning and Mobility Strategy for Hyundai Motor North America. Bisi… we saw some really interesting changes in consumer behavior particularly in buying and shopping for cars in 2020. What sort of things do you see on your end?

You know, people are finding comfort in car ownership. There’s been this rise in consumer desire for their own personal mode of transportation…And post pandemic, they’re relying less on public transportation and the used car market is skyrocketing. Consumers have been tuned in digitally to shopping and comparing models and prices. And they’ve really come to appreciate those no penalty deferments on payments. And we’ve seen even in dealership experiences that they could be enhanced with at home test drives, review videos, digital showrooms and VR test drives and interior overviews…those types of things.

So in the mobility space we’ve seen a decrease in use of public transportation and ride sharing and an increase in those opting for private vehicles which is bringing in new buyers into the market.

So of all those changes…and some of them are pretty radical compared to the trends we saw coming into 2020…how much of that is really impacted by the pandemic and how much of that is just kind of a reflection of economic changes overall?

The flight to online is going to continue for auto buying, selling and research. So we as a company…and as OEM companies obviously we have to go digital. We have to make sure our messaging highlights hygiene and contactless and describes that end-to-end journey. And we’ll have to focus on online and pick up solutions and have design solutions that work locally…

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