Best Hybrids to Buy – Roadshow’s Favorite Gasoline-Electric Vehicles

Availability and variety of hybrid vehicles on the market these days has grown more than you probably realize.  Virtually all will save you money at the pump, but they’re not all created equal. Here are some of the Roadshow crew’s favorite gasoline-electric vehicles: Smart buys from a variety of auto-makers.

Gas prices may be the lowest they’ve been in years but that doesn’t mean you should be flagrantly wasteful.

There are plenty of excellent hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles available today which all save loads of fuel and in no particular order here are some of the Roadshow team’s absolute favorites:

1) Toyota Highlander Hybrid – …a large and versatile 300 utility vehicle. This thing has an upscale interior plenty of high-tech goodies and loads of refinement. Of course it also delivers incredible fuel economy. The front drive model stickers at 36 miles per gallon combined that’s crazy for something that can seat up to eight people.

2) Honda Insight – Our next selection is not only thriftier than warren buffett a legendary cheapskate it’s also roomy inside has a primo cabin and looks like a normal car the Honda Insight is totally a stealth hybrid. It’ll get you better than 50 miles per gallon without even trying yeah nothing about it screams economy hypermiling or tree-hugging hippie that collects discarded dryer lint to spin into yarn for knitting eco-friendly clothing. No it’s not the fastest thing around but it still got plenty of giddyup for normal use. According to Honda, the Insights two motor hybrid drivetrain has a total system output of 150 1.5 horsepower and I’m not sure which half of the horse they’re counting but I do hope it’s the front.

3) Porsche Panamera – Now it’s time for a plug-in hybrid and a luxury model no less Porsche offers a couple different gasoline electric powered in its Panamera there’s the four hybrid and the Turbo S e-hybrid each powertrain is offered in the standard sedan, extended-length Panamera executive and even the sport Turismo wagon body styles because that’s not confusing. I guess the Germans just love complicating things of us kind of a spliff de vivre isn’t a secret haba. Anyway the less potent of these two power trains features a twin turbocharged v6 augmented by an electric motor. This package delivers 462 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. The more muscular variant is built around a twin-turbo v8 that is also bolstered by a motor that set up gift chest 680 horses and 626 pounds of twist. In either case a 14 point one kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack provides an electrical only driving range of about 14 miles. As for fuel efficiency, expect
right around 50 mpg for each powertrain less than half that when running on only gasoline hey before moving on which Panamera body style is your favorite. I think I like the sport Turismo best but vote in the poll by hitting or clicking on the box somewhere near the top of the screen. Toyota is the automaker best known for building hybrids…but Ford has sold more than its share of gasoline electric vehicles as well.

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