5 Warnings Your Car Battery Needs Replaced

Once a year…pop the hood and take a look to make sure your battery is properly installed and is looking and acting healthy.  Don’t wait till it tells you first.

Here are some Warning Signs that it’s time to replace your car battery:

  • Rotten egg smell – indicates an old or overcharged battery. Your battery is probably nearing the end of its functional life.
  • Engine slow to turn over – Accessories failing, or performing at reduced capacity are other signs of an aging battery.
  • Lights – are they Dim or flickering? If yes, it can mean a weakening battery and/or charging system.
  • Battery’s last replacement date? If  you can’t remember… it’s probably been too long. The average battery life in today’s vehicles is typically 3-5 years, depending on geographic location.
  • Bulging or cracking battery case – Get a battery test from your trusted auto mechanic.


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