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10 Signs Your’re a Good Driver – Bladed Angel

We’ve talked about 10 Signs that make you a bad driver, let’s talk about 10 Signs that make you a Good Driver! If you haven’t seen the opposite video to this one, make sure to check it out at the end of this video! Anyways, let’s get started! Always using Turn Signals and Changing Lanes Early is the first one…I’m and tired of MF’s not signaling before a turn and causing us all to almost rear end each other. Another favorite of mine is when people in slower vehicles like commercial trucks or Semis will occasionally ride to one side on the dotted yellows to allow traffic behind to see if they can do an overtake…y’all the real homies. Also anyone who uses slow car pulloffs or slow traffic turnouts on mountain roads, you guys are the real OG’s.  See More