Need New Brakes?

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Some vehicles go alot farther on a set of brakes than other vehicles.  Your driving habits, your car’s weight and your local terrain all have an impact on longevity. Here’s how insert some objectivity when your repair shop tells you it’s time for new brakes, rotors etc.

Seems like every time the shop tells me I need brakes…I’d swear I just got them done a short time ago.  And since brake jobs are often preventive maintenance, your car may drive about the same as it did before the expensive work was done. Not very satisfying, and you may question whether you really need a brake job. In this video I’ll show you how to satisfy yourself that you do — or don’t — need the most common brake work: Pads and rotors.

For this quick diagnosis you merely need the skills to change a flat tire; There’s no need to remove any brake parts. Jack up and secure the car, then pull off one of the wheels where the brake work is needed (front or rear) and measure the thickness of the one brake pad and of its brake rotor, commonly called a disc. You can do this in about 2 minutes once the wheel is off.


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