Fuel Tank Cleaning – Car Care Tips

DIYer that wants to clean your fuel tank? Here are some credible auto repair resources to help out:

Car Care Tips – Fuel Tank Cleaning

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How to Clean Your Fuel Tank – Delphi

A simple, step by step process for cleaning your fuel tank. A safe and effective fuel pump repair job begins here.

Cleaning the fuel tank is an essential part of a complete fuel repair. Before installing a new fuel pump, it’s critical to properly clean the gas tank. Debris in your gas tank will damage your new fuel pump. And the time it takes to clean out the debris – about an hour – is nothing compared to the time it takes to redo the entire job. So save yourself time, hassle and money — clean the tank before you replace your fuel pump.

*For your convenience, Delphi sells a Fuel Tank Cleaning Kit (FC01). Ask your distributor for more information. Delphi’s low-suds cleaning solution is specifically designed to easily treat and rinse up to a 40 gallon capacity fuel tank.

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How to Properly Clean the Inside and Outside of a Vehicle Fuel Tank – Airtex

This video is about how to properly clean the inside and outside of an vehicle fuel tank. Airtex is committed to providing the most up-to-date, in-depth fuel pump replacement information that professional technicians need to diagnose, repair and install today’s complex fuel delivery systems. Airtex is the only U.S. automotive aftermarket manufacturer that designs and builds electrical AND mechanical fuel delivery system components, including modular reservoir assemblies, electric fuel pumps, mechanical fuel pumps and in-tank sender and hanger assemblies, for a full range of car, truck, fleet and specialty vehicles.

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