Towing Agreement

All Pro Towing & Recovery – Private Property Towing Agreement


Agreement Date: ____________________    Effective Date: _____________________

This agreement by and between All Pro Towing & Recovery and ________________________________________ shall serve as authorization to Tow from property located at _________________________________ ____________________.
In an effort to ensure residents and business access to their assigned spaces or garages, All Pro Towing & Recovery will help to conform with the demands regarding the public safety and emergency vehicle access set forth by the Gilroy/Morgan Hill Fire Dept.
All Pro Towing & Recovery agrees to respond to the property within a reasonable amount of time when called by management or an authorized agent for the purpose of removing a vehicle that is not in compliance with the property or business regulations. All vehicles will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.
All Pro Towing & Recovery will, as prescribed by law, promptly report all towed vehicles, to the appropriate law enforcement agency and will perform all operations as as set forth in Section 22658a and Section 22658.1 of the California Vehicle Code.

All Pro Towing & Recovery will remove any unauthorized or abandoned vehicles at no expense to the property owner.
All Pro Towing & Recovery agrees to furnish signs as needed at no charge to the property.
All Pro Towing & Recovery employees will act and conduct themselves in a professional manner in the performance of their duties.
This agreement may be canceled by either party notifying the other in writing.  Service shall cease upon receipt of a written request by either party.

By signing below I certify that I authorize All Pro Towing & Recovery to provide towing services of fire lanes, red zones and vehicles that restrict the access to the above address.
Name: (please print)________________________________________
Title:______________________ E-Mail:_______________ Fax:___________

All Pro Towing & Recovery Agent Title:________________________
5717 Obata Way
Gilroy, CA 95020
Phone: (408) 842-9090 – Fax: (408) 847-2229

All Pro Towing Agent:_______________________________ Date:__________________

For Changes to your Account call: (408) 842-9090

NAME OF PROPERTY/COMPLEX:_______________________________________________________
Full Address:_____________________________________City:________________________Zip:_______
City Cross Street:_______________________________________________
Phone:_______________________________ Phone to contact ASAP:____________________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________City:________________________ Zip:_______
Property Mgmt. Co.:______________________________________________
Security Company_______________________________________________
Managers Name:________________________________________________
Assistant Managers Name:_________________________________________
On Site Contact Phone:_______________________ NAME:_______________________________________
Persons Authorized to Sign for Vehicle Removals_____________________________________________Title:_____________________
Are tenants authorized to tow from their parking space? YES________NO_________
If yes, must the tenant show proof of parking space? YES_________NO__________
Describe the document required as proof:_________________________________________________________




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