Roadside Assistance


Jump Starts

Most everyone of us at one time or another will hear the Click or slow groan of a low or dead battery, often from a dome light or radio left on.  Within minutes we could have you back up and running, in most cases.


Car manufacturers have been designing countless ways of stopping or deterring auto theft, therefore the days of approaching every unlock situation with the SlimJim are long but over.  With good lockout kits containing dozens of different angled rods and tools, having training and experience is a must.  Knowing how the mechanism works, what tool to use,  and where the placement needs to be is more important now than ever.

Tire Changes

As long as tires are designed with air pressure to hold their shape, there will be the occasional flat tire.  Understanding safe working limits, the speed of traffic and the size of the shoulder of the road will all go into the decision making whether to change the tire where it sits or tow it to a safer location.  Your Safety and ours is priority one.

Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Delivery

All of our Tow Trucks carry both gasoline and diesel fuel at all times, quickly getting you on your way home or to work.

Roadside Assistance - All Pro Towing Recovery - Gilroy CA