Private Property Towing

We help Property Owners and Managers control parking areas, fire lanes, and Disabled Person Parking spaces…or eliminate unauthorized, abandoned or stored vehicles from your property’s parking lots…legally.

If parking is getting out of control or vehicles have been left behind, just give us a call.  We will patrol your property’s parking facilities and eliminate illegal and unwanted vehicles from your property upon request.

We provide and post our signs at strategic locations on your property at nominal cost!  Tow-warning signs placed at each property entrance are required to be plainly visible and not smaller than (22″ x 17″) where parking rules are enforced by towing. Santa Clara County Law does not require posting signs throughout the parking areas.  Vehicles found blocking fire lanes or fire hydrants, property entrances or exits…may be photographed and towed.  These photographs must be shown later to the person claiming the vehicle. Private property owners that intend to remove vehicles from the property must have a signed Towing Agreement on file with All Pro Towing & Recovery prior to towing enforcement.  Each vehicle towed for parking rules violations requires a signature by an authorized representative of the property.  The authorized property representative who signs our Vehicle Removal Authorization Form is concealed from disclosure by law (remaining confidential), except to law enforcement agencies, to protect the representative from potential retaliation from the vehicle’s owner.

We never charge a Fee to the Property for vehicles that get towed (NO COST to the PROPERTY or HOA).  If interested in our Private Property program, simply print, sign and fax our Private Property Towing Agreement to 408-847-2229 (FAX).  Call us so we can meet with you and tailor a Parking Control Program specifically for your property’s needs.

24-Hour Emergency Towing when you need it most is what we provide!  For quality, NO COST towing, please call All Pro Towing & Recovery today at 408-842-9090 to get started within 48 hours.

Private Property Towing - All Pro Towing - Gilroy, CA