Bollinger B1 Electric Truck to Beat Tesla?

So far, electric vehicles (EVs) have tended toward high-tech, high speed electronic capsules that almost substitute for your office or a day at the spa.  But what about the needs of people outside of urban areas or downright rural areas that have more utilitarian needs…something along the lines of a low-maintenance workhorse that doesn’t need a saddle or a hay and water trough.

Bollinger Motors recently announced “the world’s first fully electric sport utility truck”…the Bollinger B1…a highly practical pickup truck that traverses the roughest terrain…with zero carbon footprint.  A totally USA centric vehicle that’s designed, engineered and, one day soon, built right here in the United States.

Built on a…

… aluminum chassis that weighs just 295 pounds and incorporates the complete powertrain system as well as off-road suspension. It sports a wheelbase of 105 inches, front and rear tracks of 68 inches, an approach angle of 56 degrees, departure angle of 53 degrees, and break over angle of 33 degrees.

Want more specs?

The bad news:

  1. You can’t get one till “early 2018” says Bollinger
  2. Pricing is “to be determined” …and only then will..
  3. $1,000 deposits accepted in early 2018
  4. Once a production site is nailed down, deliveries could commence in 19 months.

The good news:

  1. 0-60 mph time is about 4.5 seconds and
  2. Top speed is 127 mph
  3. The B1 qualifies as a Class 3 commercial truck which considerably reduces regulatory requirements compared to vehicles intended purely for passenger use.
  4. Bollinger hopes to beat Tesla to market with an EV sport utility vehicle


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