Choosing Gilroy’s Best Towing Service: 5 Keys

Driving your vehicle on California roads is a serious activity. While so many of us take driving for granted and no matter how well we maintain our cars, there are actually many common perils that can easily take our heavily relied upon transportation out of commission…at least until it gets towed to our trusted auto repair facility: Flat tires, electrical system issues (including dead batteries), running out of gas and last but not least…car accidents. Studies tell us that most of these mishaps occur within 10 miles of our own home.

So if we indeed have a trusted auto repair facility, which is open only 8 hours a day, why wouldn’t we have lined up in advance a trusted towing & roadside assistance service too?  Here are 5 Keys to helping you select a reputable towing service in the Gilroy, Morgan Hill & Hollister areas:

  1. Towing Business Experience – Even Great Companies started from scratch at some point, so keeping that in mind…If a company has been in business for a considerable length of time, it means they’ve been doing something right. The guy who buys a tow truck and starts towing vehicles…but leaves a trail of loose ends and damaged cars in his path is sure to find eventual demise. The lack of attention to detail will begin to show in the short cuts that they’ve taken with Maintaining their trucks, facility and the
    quality of the employees that they are able to keep.
  2. Appearance of Trucks, Facility and Employees – The general appearance of a tow truck and how well it seems to be maintained can provide you with a window of insight as to how your vehicle or Towing Agreement will be treated.  Rusty chains, frayed cables and beat up trucks held together with bailing twine and sheet rock screws…are sure signs that someone cares little about your safety and well being, including that of your property…and is an invitation for bad things to come.
  3. Existing Towing Agreements – Who they do business with – If a company has towing agreements in place with Government and Police Agencies, you can be sure that considerable background work has been done that guarantees a higher caliber of protection between you and your towing provider.  Law Enforcement towing requires Department of Justice Background checks on Owners and Employees and periodic inspections of Trucks and Facilities. The insurance requirements for Trucks are also much higher than state minimums and Workmans Comp insurance and Truck inspections are also addressed.
  4. Insurance Coverage Higher than Mandated Minimum
    Insurance or lack there of should be a valid concern. Quite often the fingers of justice can search for the deepest pockets or any pocket to pick, forcing even those not responsible for a mishap to seek legal council if the insurance of the towing company is not adequate. Ask for proof of insurance and look for adequate coverages.
  5. Look at Customer Reviews & Independent Ratings