Honda’s New Safe Driving Technology: Safe Swarm

Ever watch a documentary on sea life that showed schools of smaller fish swimming in unison?  Honda has…and they’ve invented a new safe driving technology based on that “bio-mimicry” concept that may one day affect the way vehicles communicate and interact on the highway.  Unveiled at the 2017 CES show…it’s called Safe Swarm and uses vehicle-to-vehicle communication to help human drivers.

The Safe Swarm concept basically takes information received by one vehicle equipped with the technology…and passes it on to others close by (also equipped)…allowing vehicle reactions way before a human driver would be able to react on his own.  So, for example, the same bit of information can actually be propagated in almost real-time to following cars…miles behind, potentially…so drivers have ample reaction time to avoid problems and collisions.

To be fair…similar technology is being developed by other car companies.  And though this tech will probably not manifest in vehicles produced within the next year or two…it highlights how big of a concept connectivity between vehicles as a safety feature…will be in the near future.

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