Jump Start Jeopardy: Your Best Solution

Hey Buddy can I get a Jump?

Times…they’re a changing.  Jump starting your vehicle’s battery isn’t as simple as it used to be. Unless its Grandpa’s old car or tractor…your safest bet is to leave it to a Professional Roadside Assistance & towing service.

Attempting to jump start a vehicle without the proper training could result in a battery explosion…causing chemical burns or blindness not to mention electronic damage to your vehicle or the vehicle attempting to supply the voltage.  Batteries in a state of charge vent explosive gases, and care must be given to not only the location of the connections, but also the order in which they are connected.  Most jumper cables sold today are inadequately designed and cannot handle the amperage required to transfer the amount of voltage over to the disabled vehicle.  Other concerns that have to be dealt with are the battery locations in many of the vehicles today and locating the remote terminal.  Hybrid or electrically assisted gas engine cars are more and more common these days…and if an improper jump start is attempted… could kill an inexperienced person.  If the starting Battery and system voltage cables are confused, the consequences can be deadly…easily catching on fire.  Not to say that the jump shouldn’t be done, just that its way more critical that whomever is doing it has the proper training to ensure a safe experience.

If you’re feeling lucky, however…here’s another take from a famous car battery maker: