Tweens – Never Give Up Till They Buckle Up

The holiday season can create an abundance of extra errands, shopping and rushing around special events.  Seat Belt Safety for Tweens can be a grey area that’s misunderstood or overlooked.

THE QUESTION: When Is My Child Ready for an Adult Seat Belt?

TWEENS – a child  between 8 and 12 years old…THIS is the time to transition your child out of a booster seat and into a seat belt.  Booster seat usage should continue until your kids outgrow the size limits of the booster seats or are big enough to fit properly in seat belts.

NOTE: All children under 13 ride in the back seat for maximum safety.

Why Parents & Caregivers Forget About or Overlook Seat Belt Safety

Parenting is full of distractions and often hectic… it’s easy to forget or forego buckling up altogether.  These excuses are often given for not buckling up.  Sound familiar?  Do whatever it takes to buckle up and make sure your kids do the same:

  1. Rushed and chaotic pre-travel routines
  2. Distractions
  3. Need to minimize conflict or keep the peace
  4. Seat belt discomfort or perceived nuisance when in a hurry
  5. Shorter distances, slower speeds and familiar roads falsely associated with lower risk
  6. Kids persistently asking to ride in the front seat

Never Negotiate with an Unbuckled Child…No Matter How Hurried or Chaotic!

As a parent, sometimes you let your kids have their way. But their safety should never be up for negotiation, no matter how much they push back on the seat belts being uncomfortable or unnecessary for just a “short drive.” Here are some tips to help you win the seat belt battle:

  • Consistently Model Seat Belt Safety
  • Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up
  • Never Assume Your Kids Are Buckled Up

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