Changing a Tire in 8 Easy Steps

Been a little reluctant to try changing a tire on your own?  Go ahead!…the weather’s beautiful…and it beats trial by fire along side a highway when you’re late for a meeting.

Here they are 3 steps…easy peasy, lemon squeezy:

  1. Loosen the Lugs – Once the car is on flat ground and the brake is set, break the lugs loose by turning them counterclockwise.
  2. Jack up the Car – Raise the car with the jack until the flat tire is completely raised off the ground.
  3. Off With the Flat – Once the car is off the ground, fully remove the wheel lugs and take off the flat tire.


Here’s the slightly longer version:

  1. Get to a safe spot
  2. Find your spare tire, jack and tire iron
  3. Loosen the wheel lugs
  4. Jack up the car
  5. Remove the flat tire
  6. Install the spare
  7. Lower the car and tighten the wheel lugs completely
  8. Important details about compact spare tires


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