Top 10 Priciest Vehicles to Get Insured

Let’s work this Top 10 List…Letterman style…and kill you with suspense:

10. Porsche 911 Carrera GT3 RS – The second of two Porsches on this list…this one coming in at a cool $3,212 per year to insure.

9. Audi RS7 Quattro Prestige – average cost at about $3,229 per year to insure. Believe it or not…this is the only Audi on this list. Drivers should note that letting your teen drive your car can dramatically raise rates: A survey by found that adding a 16-year-old to the average married couple’s insurance nearly doubles the cost. And letting them drive a sports car might drive that cost even higher.

8. Land Rover Range Rover SV Autobiography Black LWB – hitting approximately $3,245 to insure annually…some savvy drivers recommend buying insurance at opportune times of the year. In fact…an survey says that nationwide, car insurance varies by about 7.5% depending on what month you buy it in. December tends to be the cheapest month to buy insurance, while March is the most expensive.

7. BMW M6 Gran Coupe – While being the only BMW in the top 10, costing $3,309 to insure. Another discount strategy that drivers should also ask about is a more obscure one…discounts for those drive significantly fewer miles…or long time highly loyal customers of the insurance company for a long time…and those who own a home or who have a college degree or even higher education credentials.

6. Nissan GT-R Nismo – Appealing to the younger, sportier crowd…the Nismo averages about $3,476 a year to insure. Some of the more common car insurance discounts to ask about include: lowered rates for students who do well in school, people who have a home insurance policy with the same company, pay the entire bill upfront, are married and take a driver training course.

5. Porsche Panamera S Executive – As you might expect…the Porsche Panamera is one of two (2) models appearing on this list…commanding a cool $3,484 on average per year to insure. Many experts say that prudent drivers should get at least three insurance quotes from different companies (you can go on sites like, and to do this) before selecting the best policy for the least cost.

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