Tow Truck Driver – Good Service Defined

Most of us probably don’t think about the tow truck business very often.  On the rare occasion that we experience a breakdown…and a random tow truck stops as they’re about to pass by…we’re grateful.  We might also think about tow trucks when buying a new car or are changing car insurance companies and are deciding whether to check the box for a roadside assistance service.  Usually though, we probably don’t cross paths with tow trucks and their drivers all that much.  And let’s face it, when we do find ourselves in need of a tow truck…it’s often not under the best circumstances.  But it’s great to see an industry that daily faces trying circumstances…and usually goes unnoticed…still striving to maintain standards of professionalism and plain old basic good service.

What Does It Mean To Provide Good Service As A Tow Truck Driver? – WeCheckInc

by Ian

The towing industry and good customer service aren’t exactly synonymous to most people. Why is this?  And more importantly, does it need to be that way? We definitely don’t think so. We know some tow services that provide excellent customer service and we think that they can provide an excellent model for the rest of the industry to follow in terms of ensuring positive customer experience and providing good service.

There two major things that go into providing good service as a tow truck driver. The first is being reliable and the second is providing a good customer experience.  The first may seem like a given, but it can be quite difficult as anyone who works in the towing industry knows. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes from managing drivers to dispatch and everything else that goes into running a business which is oftentimes open 24/7.


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The fact remains, though, that customers expect reliability and timeliness when dealing with any professional and a tow truck driver is no different. When someone is stuck on the side of the road, the last thing they want to do is wait an hour for a tow truck. Sometimes this can’t be helped just because of the sheer distance and time it takes to get to a vehicle, but otherwise a tow truck driver should strive to be as timely as possible and a tow service as reliable as possible.

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  1. Rodney@Shark Kage says

    I can’t imagine life without towing services. i remember a day where my pickup’s differential was broken after a long jump from a ramp. There’s no other people out aside from my son. Good thing i have a friend whose working on towing services.